Vida Plena exists to empower women in the Dominican Republic to break the cycle of poverty. Your purchase or donation provides dignified employment, helps artisans overcome hardship, and ensures their children receive a quality education.

We opened our doors on October 1, 2018 and have been able to provide training and employment programs to the women of the Dominican Republic ever since.

Vida Plena is dedicated to serving the women in the communities of Monte Verde and El Hoyo.

Empowering women in the dominican republic

Vida Plena Program

Artisan Training

We host artisan trade training courses that are open for any community members to attend. The goal of these events are to invest in the lives of the women by helping them learn a skill that can be utilized with little to no startup cost.

Women who participate in the artisan training courses will learn how to create jewelry, cleaning supplies, clothing, baked goods, and more. Training courses change based on the needs of the unique tourist-driven economy in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to the artisan training courses, we host a dedicated sewing workshop where local women learn sewing skills. Those who persevere in their training are given the option of taking one of our sewing machines home so they can work toward
opening their own business.

Holistic Education

Safe, Dignified Employment

Most of the women we work with through Vida Plena are immigrants from Haiti who have extremely limited opportunities to work safely and provide for their families. We believe that everyone should be able to work in a safe environment while they create something they love.
Our work environment at Vida Plena is quiet, air-conditioned and built to encourage creativity and a sense of security in every employee.

Most of the women who work at Vida Plena also have children who attend a 2nd Mile Missions school. This provides an extra sense of security throughout their workday, as they can relax knowing that their children are safe as they receive a quality education nearby.


This type of loan consists of small sums of money lent at low interest to a recipient for the specific purpose of starting a new business. The Chalmers Center graciously allowed us to use their proven Christ-centered business training curriculum which has been modified specifically for Latin America. This program allows Vida Plena to empower the women we serve to thrive and start their own independent businesses.


This type of lease is a legal contractual agreement between Vida Plena and a person allowing the use of equipment (such as a sewing machine, oven, air compressor, etc.) in exchange for specified periodic payments. Once the payments are complete, the person will own the equipment. In simple terms, it is a "rent to own" contract for an item that will ideally help that person launch their own successful in-home business.

  • "We began partnering with Vida Plena in 2018 to create our very first woven product. In the years since, we have expanded our production partnership to include high quality ceramic bracelets." - Luke Wright

  • "We were founded in 200 with the desire to create a deeper connection through simple, handmade jewelry designs. This purpose is most beautifully fulfilled through Vida Plena, where our collection is created. "

    - Whitney Wright

    Bel Kai